The Recipe Processor 2000

The Recipe Processor 2000

This is a very comprehensive recipe database manager with network capabilities
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Jay Lichtenstein

This is a very comprehensive recipe database manager with network capabilities. The Recipe Processor 2000 allows you to enrich your recipes by adding pictures and video clips to them. It can calculate the caloric and nutritional information of every recipe based on its ingredients and proportions. In addition, you can also classify your recipes into categories and sub-categories, to mention but a few of its many features.

With a classic and conservative interface design, The Recipe Processor 2000 provides you quick access to the key features it offers through a toolbar located on the top side. The first thing you see when running the program is the list of all the recipes added by you or your friends. Remember that this program includes network capabilities, so that you, your friends and relatives can all share recipes in a collaborative way. In addition, all your recipes are displayed inside their corresponding category. You can also mark and unmark recipes to find your favorite ones more quickly. Besides, you can find a specific recipe by typing the initial part of its name. If you double-click on a specific recipe, it will be displayed on a new window where you can see its ingredients and proportions, as well as preparation guidelines. The program comes with a list of 120 pre-existing recipes.

The program also includes a large number of related tools and utilities. For example, you have a shopping list manager, a recipe cost calculator, an editable culinary-related word dictionary, a weekly meal planner, and a separate module to manage cooking guides. In addition, you will be able to import and export your recipes, protect a recipe with a password to avoid accidental deletion, and make use of a Category Maintenance tool. Of course, adding a new recipe is a very easy process.

To sum up, The Recipe Processor 2000 is a really comprehensive application. All the mentioned features are just a summary of the most important ones. It might well become an indispensable tool for all cooking lovers, no matter they are amateurs or professionals. Besides, its price – $25.00 – is worth every cent!

Ricardo Soria
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  • Includes a large number of related tools and features
  • Provides quick access to all its key features
  • Allows you to add pictures and video clips to your recipes
  • Designed to work on networked environments, for collaborative work
  • Excellent price


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